Celtic Crossroads show, Oceanside, CA, USA


It’s with great excitement that I announce ‘Celtic crossroads’.

Irish fiddler extraordinaire Patric Petrie (of Skelpin), Irish singer songwriter David Lally and myself are holding an event at Oceanside’s delightful Sunshine Brooks Theatre. This evening of music will be held on Saturday the 25th of June at 730pm. The title is a suggestion of all our ‘celticness’ and how they intertwine and cross paths………..or something to that effect!

The format will be a showcase of our own individual styles combined with some collaborations between each artist and some special guests. Members of my band, including James Hood on lead guitar and Scottish Percussionist John McCallum will join me on stage to perform songs from my Internationally acclaimed album Doricana. Quite possibly a few Scottish favourites will be thrown into the Celtic cauldron and we’ll see how it tastes!

Tickets for this unique evening can be purchased direct from myself, David or Patric. They can also be purchased at the door and through the venue’s website:

Tickets are currently priced at $15.
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This will probably be my last performance in Southern California till the end of the Year. So, I hope to see all my friends and fans come out and enjoy a evening of music friendship and laughter.


‘…we are all connected by invisible lines…’