Happy New Year from…………me!

Well, 2011 was a great year for me. Toured several times, wrote new songs, met new friends, saw new Countries, got a lot of radio play, played on the Telly, won a San Diego Music Award, filmed a couple of tours, played on the Isle of Skye, enjoyed many, many nights of laughter, music and ‘drink’ all while having my lovely wife with me. However, most importantly, the news I’m going to be a Father was by far and away the best of the best (once it sunk in)!!

I look forward to all the new exciting things that will happen in 2012 and will continue to focus on the postives as opposed to the negatives which will be discarded like a fireball into Stoney harbour!

2012 for me will be a tale of 3 Dragons, and I’m going to embrace it with a lot of energy. As for the Mayans, they can kiss my arse! 🙂

Have a great New Year everybody, I hope your 2012 will be everything you want it to be!