Clyne signs on dotted line for deal with Fat Hippy Records

STV yet again continue to give me a lot of love and support, long may this beautiful relationship flourish! x

Colin Clyne hasn’t taken the orthodox route to rock stardom.
By Neil Drysdale

Where many others aim for a quickfire hit single and a subsequent swift album release, the north-east artist moves at a more leisurely pace.

Yet, whether gaining acoustic awards in the United States, or earning excellent reviews for his LP Doricana, there is no doubting his ability to create gorgeous music with an almost ethereal magic.

These qualities have helped Clyne secure a new deal with Fat Hippy Records, the Aberdeen-based company which is going from strength to strength.

And he will now unveil his latest creation The Never Ending Pageant later this summer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to hear it and it truly is a stunning collection of songs.

Clyne will be among the stars appearing on Live at Captain Tom’s next Saturday.

And it’s obvious he has been impressed by the fashion in which Tom Simmonds has created a buzzing hub of musical energy in the Granite City.

Clyne told STV: “It was a very easy decision to get involved with them.

“When you see the hard work, dedication and passion that Tom and the rest of the team put into their artists, it is inspirational.

“I’m really excited to see how far we can take the new record.

“It’s being released by FHR in conjunction with Quite Great PR down in England.”

Clyne will be taking his new work on the road and, as an accomplished performer, touring holds no fears for him.

His first foray into the global streaming market will happen with the Live at Captain Tom’s event, which also features “The Voice” star Terry McDermott.

But thereafter, he has a busy schedule and is clearly relishing the prospect.

As he told me: “I have a few gigs this month and a couple booked for July.

“We’re also in the process of arranging more concert dates just now.

“Hopefully, the exposure the record gets will open up some more doors for me and my new band “Colin Clyne and the Carrons.”

Clyne has a dry wit which he has nurtured on his regular trips across the Atlantic.

So when I asked him to tell me three things about himself, I should have been prepared for a few surprises.

He replied: “When I was 17, I received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, which I got from the Duke himself and Craig Ferguson.

“I also have a Superman tattoo, which thankfully I didn’t get from either of the aforementioned gentlemen.

“And I have a gold medal for football, from the World Corporate Games – I was a swashbuckling striker who would have kicked his granny for a goal.”

Yes, there’s plenty of pageantry in his locker. Check out his album for yourself.