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North-east’s Colin Clyne and Paul Anderson in harmony for haunting new single

Friday, March 25th, 2022

Thanks to The Press and Journal’s Scott Begbie for the excellent write up on my new single ‘Wishing Winter Away’, especially highlighting the wonderful involvement of Paul Anderson Scottish Fiddler on the project.

The article also highlights Aprils London (with Talentbanq) & Stonehaven (URBAN Project ZEE’S Stonehaven) gigs.

Thanks Colin

The Equal Ground review – The Never Ending Pageant

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Colin Clyne: The Never Ending Pageant
By Ted Rogen, December 2014

Colin Clyne has too many achievements to mention but my personal favorite is that he opened for Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Besides winning multiple songwriting awards, getting sponsored, working with Grammy award winning engineers and getting constant airplay the guy just came out with a fine album entitled The Never Ending Pageant.

Right off the bat I would say this is one of the best-engineered albums I have had the opportunity to review. You can’t get this sound with a Presonus Preamp, a hundred dollar interface and computer. The material here is radio ready and indeed does deserves to be getting played on the radio.

The music is acoustic based folk that synergizes with rock and country. On paper it doesn’t sound that exciting but once it hits your ears I’m sure you will have a change of heart. The music’s strongest appeal is the infectious energy that comes out from the speakers. I would argue that if you play this in a room full of people and you notice they don’t have a bit more pep in their step then you should immediately not talk to those people because they may be lacking a soul.

The highlights of the album for me were the ones that popped with optimism and joy. Possibly the best song of the album goes to the first one entitled “Merry Go Round”. Clyne proves he is a good, possibly great, vocalist who has a voice that soars across the music. “This Blue Town” and “Sizzle Not the Steak” were formidable songs but not quite as festive as “I’d Rather Do.” “I’d Rather Do” is a country-based song but Clyne sounds at home here. The guitar work is good but the song is held down by a walking bass line that creates a momentum.

Even Clyne knows you can’t celebrate on every song and shows us on “Top of the Mountain” that his vocals sound good coated with a bit of melancholy. Orchestral strings, guitar and drums create music for him to sing on here. As the album progresses there are a couple of more highlights including “Toast the Happy Times” and “Playing God.”

I will say that you have to be one cynical guy or gal to not enjoy at least a portion of this album. At eleven songs deep the album has a nice ebb and flow and takes little effort to enjoy. Highly Recommended.

Fatea review – The Never Ending Pageant

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Colin Clyne: The Never Ending Pageant
By Neil King, January 2015
Time is a strange beast at the best of times events that you thought were a short while ago turn out to be a few years back and conversely events that you thought were in the dim and distant turn out to be more recent than you think. I was just about to pen a piece about, “The Never Ending Pageant” following on the heels of debut album, “Doricana” when I realise that it’s been over four years since his last full album. As with the debut album, “The Never Ending Pageant” was preceded by an EP “Doon Tae The Wid”, just to ensure there remained a public face for the singer songwriter.

Both the title of the EP and his singing voice give no doubt to Colin’s Scottish heritage and he’s actually based there again, having spent more than a decade living in the US, with both regions having an impact on both his writing and singing style, but rather than ending up with a sound that is mid-Atlantic, “The Never Ending Pageant” would better be described as Americana with a Scots accent.

First and foremost, this is a songwriters album, and by that I mean it’s a series of tales and stories, rather than a homage to feelings and emotions, though naturally there is an emotive constituency, you wouldn’t be able to add the blues touches and mean them without it. Similarly it’s hard to get riled enough to write about something like injustice without anger and indignation.

One of the things I like about Clyne’s writing style is that whilst it has relatively clean lines, it doesn’t lack depth and gives plenty of opportunity to explore the songs and you get the feeling that if you heard them live, a different inclination here or there could take you easily down another path.

It’s a similar case with the presentation/arrangements, whilst there are other musicians involved in delivering the music, you can also imagine them stripped back to just one man and his guitar, no backing singing, no matter how good or subtle they are, no percussion or bass, just man, word and guitar.

I like “The Never Ending Pageant” a lot. It’s one of those albums that may not set the world on fire at first listening, but which pulls you back to it and will continue to deliver over the years, rather than amaze and disappear in a flash and that’ll do me.

San Diego Troubadour review for ‘The Never Ending Pageant’

Monday, October 27th, 2014

COLIN CLYNE: The Never Ending Pageant
By Bart Mendoza, September 2014

Scottish native Colin Clyne was a San Diegan for roughly a decade, ending in 2013, but what a time he had. Kick starting his lifelong dream of being a musician, he not only released three albums and built a devoted following during his stay, he won the coveted Best Acoustic Performer trophy at the San Diego Music Awards in both 2011 and 2012. Now back in his native Scotland, he has released his fourth disc, The Never Ending Pageant.

The album has a strong San Diego connection. Indeed, it’s the culmination of his work with Grammy-winning producer Alan Sanderson, who also helmed Clyne’s previous efforts. While those albums, in particular 2010’s Doricana, were very good, TNEP is definitely a cut above. Recorded primarily at the Santee studio, Analog Chew, Clyne performs guitar, vocal, and harmonica duties; the album also features some of the area’s most noted players including guitarist/mandolinist Pedro Talarico, bassist Rick Nash, singer Taylin Rae, pedal steel player Rick Schmidt, and drummer Larry Grano

Interestingly, while in the U.S. Clyne was lauded as a Celtic artist, but at home he has been making major inroads as a country artist. The album has already made an impact, hitting #6 on the iTunes Country Chart, with the first single, “Merry Go Round,” hitting #48. It’s a strong choice for the lead-off track on the disc, with a jaunty rhythm, a nice hook in the line, “how could anyone love me,” and a killer chorus; it’s an A-side single.

The 11 songs here reflect an Americana flavor, which is especially strong on the twangy pedal steel and harmony drenched stomper “Toast the Happy Times,” but there is a refreshing variety of sound textures, rhythms, and keys to be found on TNEP. It pleases the ear and ranges from strings backed, epic ballad “Top of the Mountain” to the minimalist “My Bonny Broken Valentine,” which just features Clyne’s voice and finger-picked guitar, plus a bit of pedal steel for atmosphere. The album does rock a bit in places, notably “Playing God,” and it’s nicely counter-balanced by a melancholy ballad such as “Doin’ Fine.” That said, my favorite track is probably “This Blue Town,” a song that comes across a bit like a particularly good early Crowded House track.

TNEP is an album that reveals more with each listen. It sounds great, but beyond that it’s an excellent batch of songs that’ll make you want to hit replay. Throughout his career, Clyne has continually set the bar higher, with this album a testament to his hard work and love of song craft. Long-time fans of Clyne’s music already know this album is essential listening, but any fans of Americana, folk or country influenced sounds should also make hearing The Never Ending Pageant a priority. They won’t be disappointed.

The Daily Country review – The Never Ending Pageant

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

A lovely review that appeared on The Daily Country for my unreleased record ‘The Never Ending Pageant’.

Album Review Colin Clyne ‘The Never Ending Pageant’

Scottish born folk singer-songwriter Colin Clyne, is set to release his new album The Never Ending Pageant on Fat Hippy Records on July 21st. The album, produced & engineered by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alan Sanderson (The Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach), is a delightful slice of folk and Americana by way of Scotland.

Colin, who was crowned ‘Best Acoustic Act’ at the San Diego Music Awards in 2011 and 2012 (previous winners include Jason Mraz and Jewel) is an artist who is equally comfortable with upbeat folk tunes (“Toast The Happy Times”) as well as songs more melancholy (“Dunnotar Skies”). The lead off track, “Merry Go Round,” as well as “I’d Rather Do,” are pure goodness; they will instantly hook you with their melodies and subtle harmonies. All eleven tracks are well written and touch on themes universal and relatable (love, moving on after a relationship has ended and enjoying life).

And, if you are a lover of the harmonica (and who isn’t?), you will be thrilled to know the expressive instrument is well represented here on multiple songs including “Top Of The Mountain,” “Sizzle Not The Steak,” “Playing God” and the title track.

Colin Clyne has made an album that, whether you are in Scotland or the States, you will want to seek out and give a listen.

Clyne signs on dotted line for deal with Fat Hippy Records

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

STV yet again continue to give me a lot of love and support, long may this beautiful relationship flourish! x

Colin Clyne hasn’t taken the orthodox route to rock stardom.
By Neil Drysdale

Where many others aim for a quickfire hit single and a subsequent swift album release, the north-east artist moves at a more leisurely pace.

Yet, whether gaining acoustic awards in the United States, or earning excellent reviews for his LP Doricana, there is no doubting his ability to create gorgeous music with an almost ethereal magic.

These qualities have helped Clyne secure a new deal with Fat Hippy Records, the Aberdeen-based company which is going from strength to strength.

And he will now unveil his latest creation The Never Ending Pageant later this summer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to hear it and it truly is a stunning collection of songs.

Clyne will be among the stars appearing on Live at Captain Tom’s next Saturday.

And it’s obvious he has been impressed by the fashion in which Tom Simmonds has created a buzzing hub of musical energy in the Granite City.

Clyne told STV: “It was a very easy decision to get involved with them.

“When you see the hard work, dedication and passion that Tom and the rest of the team put into their artists, it is inspirational.

“I’m really excited to see how far we can take the new record.

“It’s being released by FHR in conjunction with Quite Great PR down in England.”

Clyne will be taking his new work on the road and, as an accomplished performer, touring holds no fears for him.

His first foray into the global streaming market will happen with the Live at Captain Tom’s event, which also features “The Voice” star Terry McDermott.

But thereafter, he has a busy schedule and is clearly relishing the prospect.

As he told me: “I have a few gigs this month and a couple booked for July.

“We’re also in the process of arranging more concert dates just now.

“Hopefully, the exposure the record gets will open up some more doors for me and my new band “Colin Clyne and the Carrons.”

Clyne has a dry wit which he has nurtured on his regular trips across the Atlantic.

So when I asked him to tell me three things about himself, I should have been prepared for a few surprises.

He replied: “When I was 17, I received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, which I got from the Duke himself and Craig Ferguson.

“I also have a Superman tattoo, which thankfully I didn’t get from either of the aforementioned gentlemen.

“And I have a gold medal for football, from the World Corporate Games – I was a swashbuckling striker who would have kicked his granny for a goal.”

Yes, there’s plenty of pageantry in his locker. Check out his album for yourself.

Inverness gig review from ‘Inverness gigs’ ezine

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

I had a lovely little review from a recent gig in Inverness from the good folk at ‘’, full article can be read here:

Not the end for Carnivale.
By Frank Finlayson

Far from the madding crowd on a Friday night sits within Hootananny, the Bothy. It’s an intimate little room that you can escape the world below and sit down, amongst the collection of sofas and candles, and appreciate some acoustic sets.

It’s a bit of a hidden gem which brings together a mix of acts from far and wide. Compered by Conor O’Hara, tonight was the turn of Stonehaven’s Colin Clyne, Aberdeen’s Cara Mitchell, and flying the flag for Inverness, Hannah Finlayson.

Colin kicked the night off with his folk infused pop/rock; a set of songs with character and storytelling. Colin came with a pedigree; you aren’t San Diego acoustic act of the year two years running without some ability to back you up. Colin is re-establishing himself in Scotland from his time away and brings the audience in with his heartfelt songs that touch a chord with those present.

He has a wry observation on modern life that doesn’t go amiss on his audience. He has a confident delivery, and a knack of bringing an audience along with him, a skill no doubt honed on bigger stages. Colin is a guy to watch out for, especially with the release of his new album, ‘The Never Ending Pageant’ later this summer. Catch him when you can.

STV story on upcoming album ‘The Never Ending Pageant’

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

STV’s Neil Drysdale has been posting a fair bit about yours truly lately, here’s a well written article he has done on myself and my upcoming album ‘The Never Ending Pageant’. Story can also be read here:

Colin’s back in Scotland with his never-ending pageant
By Neil Drysdale.

Colin Clyne has been straddling different continents for so long that he views the flight from Scotland to America as the rest of us do a shuttle trip to London.
When he isn’t recording and writing songs in San Francisco or San Diego, he is savouring the swirl and swell of the sea in his native Stonehaven.

He called his first album “Doricana”, as a means of highlighting the diverse strands which embody his music.
There were nods to his Scottish roots, pieces of folk and the occasional heady anthem in the mix, which testified to Clyne’s connection to his homeland.
But there were also fragments of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits and other great American icons, which reflected how the project came to fruition – and garnered rich praise – throughout the United States.

No wonder there is understandable expectation as Clyne prepares to release his new CD, “The Never Ending Pageant.”
It’s an eclectic offering with some high-octane figures in the background. None carry more weight than producer, Alan Sanderson, who has previously worked with a cast list of such leading luminaries as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Elvis Costello.

Indeed, Sanderson has a Grammy on his CV and doesn’t need any introductions when he walks into a recording studio in his adopted country.
And Clyne has clearly been inspired by his association with such an exalted individual.

He said: “There was something pretty special about working on this album. I think everybody sensed it, whether it was the musicians, the engineers, or anybody else.
“Alan and I have been friends for several years and he has been a mentor to me. We both like a lot of different types of music and I hope that comes across in what I do.
“We actually completed the sessions for the new record last summer, and I’ve been involved in moving back to Scotland since that time.
“But it has been mastered and mixed, I am very pleased with the final result, and now I just need to sort out one or two things and we will be ready to go.”

Clyne isn’t inclined to toot his own horn; he is one of those artists who prefer to be on stage, communing with an audience through songs, not snappy soundbites.
Other people might have harped on about the accident which nearly wrecked his chances of picking up a guitar again when he was a teenager.
Or they may have trumpeted the fact they were named “Best Acoustic Act” at the San Diego music awards in 2011 and 2012. Yet Clyne mentioned neither.

Instead, he told us: “I have always tried to create my own sound and do my own thing. Of course, I have influences, but you always have to do your best to be an original voice.

“There was something about this [“The Never Ending Pageant”] which captured people’s imaginations and I want to get that message across to people in Scotland.
“Basically, it is my swansong to California. I enjoyed being over there, but I have never forgotten my roots and it feels great to be back in the north-east.”

He will be performing at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Saturday (22nd Feb), in the sort of intimate setting which suits him best.

And, although he has a family to look after, there is no danger of Clyne chasing a quick buck at the expense of his credibility.
As he concluded: “I hope the new album comes out in the spring, but if not, then it will be the summer. The main thing is to make sure we do it right.”

Some view music as a career, others regard it as a calling. There is no doubting which category suits Clyne.

‘Stonehaven Radio Station and Me’….and STV!

Monday, March 26th, 2012

STV (Scottish TV) have picked up on my video for new single ‘Stonehaven Radio Station and Me’. They’ve ran a wee story on it through their website. Hell, we might just get some air play as well! The story can be read here:

Stonehaven musician hitting the right notes from America
By Danny Law

Colin Clyne’s trips to see Aberdeen FC as a boy provide the inspiration for his new track.

A Stonehaven musician has penned a poignant track about his home town and the “famous Aberdeen” from a studio in the States.

Colin Clyne, who now resides in San Diego, has launched a new video for his latest single ‘Stonehaven Radio Station and Me’ from his album Doricana.

Stonehaven Radio Station was the last manned ship-to-shore radio station in the UK when it closed down in 2000 after over 100 years of service.

The radio station, along with the trips the 35-year-old used to make as a boy to see his beloved Aberdeen FC, have provided the inspiration for his new single.

Colin said: “I used to go to the Aberdeen games with my uncle Gordon who worked at Stonehaven Radio Station Ship to Shore. The inspiration for the song came from a memory I had when we had just beaten Hibs in the semi-final of the cup and a Hibs fan went to shake my uncle’s hand but instead head-butted him.

“I was only ten so it wasn’t the type of thing you would expect to see as a boy. I ran up and told a policeman but he just told me to go away!”

Colin says he still tries to keep up to date with how the Dons are progressing, saying: “I do get up early on Saturdays to watch some of the games. It hasn’t been as good the last few seasons so sometimes I’m back in my bed within 15 minutes of kick-off!

“I try to get to a few games when I’m back in Scotland. I tend to be back around the festive period and it always seems to be Dundee United who we play when I go to see them.”

Colin, who last year was named ‘Best Acoustic Act’ at the San Diego Music Awards, says he is hoping to release his next album later in the year.

He added: “My wife is due to give birth in the next couple of days so I think I will be laying low over the next couple of months. However, I have 30 new songs to ready to go so I’m hoping to get a new album out later this year.

“I have had some great feedback from people in Stonehaven about the songs and they particularly like the local references. There will be a few local references in the new album too.

Doricana Review in San Diego Troubadour (USA)

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Written by Bart Mendoza

Excellent acoustic guitar based tunes – a baker’s dozen – from Scottish / San Diegan, Colin Clyne. Doricana features production from Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach) and a serious group of San Diego All – Stars, including Flogging Molly’s Matt Hensley, Larry Grano and Rick Nash (Eve Selis Band), Tim Foley and Enrique Platas (Skelpin), session legend Dennis Caplinger and opera singer Victoria Robertson. It sounds amazing, with tunes matching production and musicianship. My favorites are the melancholic Neil Finn-ish ballad “Into My Garden,” and the lightly rockin’ “Pockets and Envelopes,” both as radio friendly as it gets, but this is a solid selection of tunes across the board..