Scottish Tour August 2009

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since I was last in touch with some of you.

I am delighted to announce some UK gigs in August but due to the credit crunch, swine flu and Peter & Jordan’s impending divorce (shocking) I’ll be sticking to playing in Scotland!

Following my Scottish tour I’ll be doing some recording in London where I’ll be continuing to work with current Rolling Stones Engineer Alan Sanderson on the follow up to my 2007 debut ‘Songs from the Cold Store’. There are very few of these left but I believe these are unlimited on iTunes if you fancy giving Apple the lions share of your 99p per track! 🙂

Hope to see some (all?) of you somewhere, sometime………till then!


4th Aug – 1030pm – Bar 99, Backwynd, Aberdeen
6th Aug -12 noon- Highland Gathering Festival, Silver Sands Complex, Lossiemouth
7th Aug – 10pm – The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen
8th Aug -Secret ‘Impromptu’ gig in the Highlands, email me for details!
11th Aug – 9pm – The Liquid Ship, 171 Great Western Road, Glasgow
13th Aug – 4pm – Jenners Grand Hall, Princess Street, Edinburgh
13th Aug – 11pm – Whistlebinkies, 4-6 South Bridge, Edinburgh
14th Aug – 3pm – Royal Mile, Lower Stage, High Street, Edinburgh
14th Aug – 4pm – Jenners Grand Hall, Princess Street,Edinburgh
15th Aug – 8pm – The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Acoustic music centre, Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh
16th Aug – 3pm – Jinty McGinty’s, 21-29 Ashton Lane, Glasgow