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Christmas time, Doricana and wine!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

‘…oh Christmas time, Doricana and wine, dinna pack your bags as we’ve canceled your flight…’ arghhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s just a bit of bloody snow, calm down everybody!!!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again where grown men wear silly jumpers (sweater for my US brethren) emblazoned with red nosed reindeer’s and Bart Simpson Christmas ties to the office party, at which they drink far too much free corporate booze then make an absolute arse of themselves with the wee secretary from accounts that’s been ‘giving’ them the eye all year. In truth her ‘giving’ of the eye was nothing more than a judgmental glance to confirm if you were or were not infact the silly twat from last year who wore the silly tie, drank too much mulled wine and so on and so forth……………..oh, and not to mention dancing badly to various Christmas hits from the jukebox! I love it.

Anyway, after my Scrooge like corporate ramblings allow me to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous New year!!! I, myself do not know where I will be spending either Christmas or New Year at the moment such is the nonsense that is the love tryst between European weather and air travel. Bring back good old fashioned sea faring I say, none of this worrying about ice nonsense….well apart from a ‘wee’ incident on the 14th April 1912 somewhere in the Northern Atlantic! To quote one of Stonehaven’s finest drunks “…rum n’ onything, nae ice bergs please…”

So, this is the part where I shamelessly whore out my music to the masses on all various social networks and mailing list………..yeah, buy my new album for a Christmas present to some poor unsuspecting sod that actually wanted the new JLS album, or get them to download it…….at least it’s guaranteed to reach your house without any snow disruption (well if you are in the UK at least).

Alas no…………..this is the part where I thank you all for helping make 2010 a good year for me musically. I’m very proud to have released Doricana earlier this year, which I believe is a great wee record (not for me to say really) that people liked and hell, even bought on occasion. There have been some great shows and road trips and I would like to thank all my friends in the UK and the US for making them that wee bit extra special. I’d also like to thank all the kind writers out there that reviewed Doricana in a positive light and understood what we were trying to achieve with it…… people get out there and buy it for your loved ones! 😉

This coming Year will no doubt bring more big gigs and road trips (check my gig listing) and hopefully San Diego’s Bart Mendoza is correct in his prediction that 2011 will be a ‘big’ year for me. Right where’s my sledge……………..oh and how do you ask for a pint of Tennents lager in Japanese??

Sayounara (apparently that’s good bye)

Sensei Clyne

Doricana Review in San Diego Troubadour (USA)

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Written by Bart Mendoza

Excellent acoustic guitar based tunes – a baker’s dozen – from Scottish / San Diegan, Colin Clyne. Doricana features production from Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach) and a serious group of San Diego All – Stars, including Flogging Molly’s Matt Hensley, Larry Grano and Rick Nash (Eve Selis Band), Tim Foley and Enrique Platas (Skelpin), session legend Dennis Caplinger and opera singer Victoria Robertson. It sounds amazing, with tunes matching production and musicianship. My favorites are the melancholic Neil Finn-ish ballad “Into My Garden,” and the lightly rockin’ “Pockets and Envelopes,” both as radio friendly as it gets, but this is a solid selection of tunes across the board..