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Joined Up Writing – a Lockdown collaboration

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Back in May during the first lockdown, local North East poet Fin Hall came up with a novel idea to while the days away. He asked people to contribute to a poem called ‘Joined Up Writing’. Anyone could contribute to this from novices to hobbyists to published poets and indeed published songwriters. The idea was to use a word from the last line of the previous verse in the first line of your verse and so it went on, ‘Joined Up Writing’. I contributed a verse amongst 100 different voices.

Amazingly, Fin ran with this, secured publishing and it’s now available to purchase on Amazon. Even better, the proceeds of the book are going to Fin’s chosen charity; Willows Animal Sanctuary up in Fraserburgh, Scotland:

So, if anyone fancies adding a wee bit of local collaborative lockdown poetry as a Christmas stocking filler all in the name of charity then please grab a copy at the below link:

Alternative Fruit review – ‘You Can’t Wish A Good Guy Away’

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Thanks to the wonderful folk over at ‘Alternative Fruit’ for reviewing the new single.
‘…folk inspired melodies wrap around the bars like snugly tied ribbons of character…’

Charlotte Talks Music reviews new single ‘…Good Guy…’

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Another lovely review just dropped onto my front door mat regarding the new single.

“… It is a track that I feel fans of both Bob Dylan and John Denver will absolutely love…”

Edgar Allan Poets – Single Review

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Thank you to Edgar Allan Poets for their kind review on my new single:

“Clyne’s music immediately reminds you of Bob Dylan, fantastic lyrics and folk sounds.
The Production is of the highest level and you feel like listening to the artist live, near a fire at sunset.
The melodies and the amalgam of sounds make you immediately dream of the Scottish Highlands where William Wallace once fought and lived.
I got thirsty listening to Clyne’s music, beer and especially whisky are the best company while listening to these wonderful songs.
His kind of music varies between alternative, folk, country and rock and each song can surprise you by adding a new element.
We are talking about a musician of the highest level, you can tell by the quality of the chords progression and the sound quality of his albums.
Fantastic discovery that we must suggest to all of you!”

New Single ‘You Can’t Wish A Good Guy Away’ OUT NOW!!!

Monday, November 16th, 2020

My new single ‘You Can’t Wish A Good Guy Away’ is OUT TODAY (digitally) through Royale Music via INgrooves (Parent Co, Universal).

Big thanks to producer/ engineer Steve Curtis for his fabulous skills and professionalism, t’was a really enjoyable session. Steve also played bass, percussion and some keys on the track.

Thanks also to long term friend / piano player Dave Curtis who added piano and keys. Yours truly was on vocals, guitars, harmonica and percussion duties(for those that are interested).

Once again thanks to Daz Alexander for artwork and Bryan Campbell for graphics design.

Warmest Thanks

PS please share music links if possible. X